Aims & Objectives

Relief in need of members of migrant communities by the provision of advice, support and information or in any other way required; and by engaging with service providers, public bodies, institutions and organisations to enable those entities to better adapt their services, policies and activities to the needs of the migrant communities.

Promotion of social inclusion for the public benefit by working with people who are socially excluded on the grounds of their ethnic origin, religion, belief or creed (in particular, members of the Roma community) by developing the capacity and skills of members of that community to assist them to integrate with and participate more fully in society.

The advancement of citizenship and community development by promoting a better understanding within British society; and by promoting civic responsibility, good citizenship and volunteering

The advancement of education (including social and physical training) of people in such ways as the charity trustees think fit, including by promoting the learning of native languages (including but not limited to Czech and Slovak); supporting parents to engage with their children’s education; and mentoring and coaching young people.