Breakfast club

In 2021, CPCG (Consortium of Peterborough Community Groups) led by Compas Charity started a new trial project to provide pupils from Gladstone Primary Academy nutritionally-rich breakfast. Within couple of months, the number of children rose from dozens to hundreds. Children from all walks of life and from various schools started coming to get the breakfast. The trial lasted for six months and offered breakfast once a week.

After the successful trial, Compas managed to secure more funding from Peterborough City Council (through Household Support Fund from DWP). This funding had enabled us to provide the breakfast to pupils twice a week and also to support the most vulnerable members in our communities with shopping vouchers.

Every Monday and Friday, over 200 children receive their breakfast (containing a fruit, drink, chilled item and a bakery item). The feedback we have received from children, parents and the school is very heart-warming. Children told us that they look forward to see us on the two days. Parents told us that their children wake up earlier on the two days to get on time for their breakfast. The breakfast club improved many pupils' attendance and also concentration during lessons.