COMPAS Charity has been engaging with schools, police service, NGOs and other institutions since 2013. We have conducted number of trainings, partnership projects and field trips for British teachers as part of their ROGA CPD sessions.

We have visited various Roma settlements and localities and observed the deep and hopeless poverty within those locations and decided that we will utilise our know-how, experience in inclusive education and our established links with the schools and state officials, in attempt to help and to change the status quo.

You can watch the conditions of the Roma settlements HERE

It is estimated, 440,000 Roma live in 804 municipalities in Slovakia* and almost one third of Roma live in settlements. Those settlements are mostly separated from municipalities, with no infrastructure, electricity, gas, and access to water. The inhabitants of the settlements do not have access to equal education, there is higher unemployment and an overall deteriorated standard of living.

As a result of all these factors, including discrimination and racism against Roma, many generations of Roma children remain without a chance for an equal start in life.

We realize that there is a need to help these children. However, it is not within our power to solve their entire life situation. With this campaign, we want to contribute to making it a little easier for these children to go to school with a snack, to have school supplies to borrow in their community centre.

* Atlas of Roma communities from 2019

Fundraising and helping

Between November and December 2022, we have organised a fundraising campaign to be able to purchase school supplies for pupils, sweets and food. During our field visit in January, we have visited number of schools, clubs and centres and delivered various items.

'Hands on' approach

At the end of February 2023, CEO Petr Torak, had moved to Presov to initiate the CWB project (Caregivers Without Borders). COMPAS is not funded for this project and is merely relying on donations and reserves to run this project.

The first pilot work started at Jarovnice elementary school, where Roma pupils were engaged with and motivated.