Caregivers Without Borders

Our vision

Caregivers Without Borders (CWB) is an innovative advocacy project that aims to reducing socio-economic inequality by investing in early childhood development (ECD).

CWB creates a network of caregivers willing and able to provide care to others and to raise awareness of ECD amongst families and communities where such education is missing.

There is a lot of essential experience and knowledge amongst retired caregivers and teachers and often this experience is not sufficiently captured. CWB will create an opportunity for this expertise to be passed on to children, parents and other caregivers.

CWB will also create a bank of knowledge and expertise that will form a base of an awareness raising campaign, focusing on healthy lifestyle, importance of play and reading, hygiene and other ECD topics.

In the first phase, CWB will create a network of caregivers that will volunteer to meet and work with children (either at their natural environment or at state institutions). The caregiving opportunity will a great opportunity for students that want to get more experience or for retired / ex caregivers that want to give their own time to a bigger cause.

There are many communities (such as Roma people living in marginalised settlements) that have never had an access to ECD information and therefore are unable to provide adequate conditions for healthy upbringing. Quite often there are also insufficient ECD provisions due to prejudices of some institutions or caregivers or due to lack of quality training. CWB will be able to fill the gap by providing experienced and enthusiastic people that want to make a change.