I can & I will

The aim of the project is to encourage young people to recognise their civic duties and the opportunities that Peterborough offers to everyone. The participants will be shown how to take an active part in what is going around them. The topics will include:

  • neighborhood watch
  • volunteering opportunities
  • finding a job
  • starting a business
  • and many other themes
01/06/2018 Explore your potential The Green Backyard
09/06/2018 Law enforcement jobs ORION office
23/06/2018 Setting & running own business ORION office
14/07/2018 Looking for job ORION office
08/09/2018 Volunteering 555, Lincoln Rd.
22/09/2018 Community Cohesion 555, Lincoln Rd.
13/10/2018 Final event 555, Lincoln Rd.