Aims & Objectives

Community partnership: COMPAS stands for COMmunity PArtnerShip, as it was built on the passion to promote community cohesion, bringing people from all over the world together.

Equal opportunities: We strive to support equal opportunities for each member of the community, to reduce inequalities from health to education and general wellbeing. We hope to contribute to the future society, where people will be seen as in individuals rather than being labelled based on their race, sex, or background.

Investing in the future: We believe that supporting young people and children to grow their aspirations will bring a better future and equal opportunities for all future generations. We promote positive examples, as well as support people to follow their passions and grow their abilities and mindsets regardless of their background.

Cultural pride: We embrace cultural differences and believe that sharing cultural differences brings communities together, as well as combats prejudice, and support integration. We strive to preserve Roma heritage and embrace Roma traditions, to be passed onto the future generations and promote positive cultural identity.

Value of experience: We believe that only experience can equip someone to provide adequate support and genuine empathy, therefore all our staff has lived experience, or come from a minority background.