ROGA Mentoring project

In 2011, COMPAS had developed a bespoke mentoring project called ROGA (Roma Of Great Abilities) that aims to motivate young Roma to access further education (Level 4 and above) and to develop useful skills that will enable them to take up front line jobs in teaching, law enforcement, NHS and other areas of public life.

ROGA is more than mentoring. It offers holistic approach to mentoring, raising aspiration, parental engagement, raising awareness and effectiveness and promoting community cohesion.

During the ROGA implementation, we work with all these stakeholders and offer the following services:

  • Learners (those that require extra support in improving attendance or behaviour, but also those that are performing well and only need extra encouragement towards higher education)
  • Parents (support, advice, encouragement)
  • Teachers (CPD training)
  • School management (support, training)
  • Community led organisations and community leaders
  • Public authorities (engagement with the Police, Council, NHS, Social Services etc)
  • Organising international educational trips to raise awareness and to exchange good practices

Partnership with Queen Katherine Academy

Since 2018, COMPAS has been working with the Queen Katherine Academy (QKA) on supporting Roma pupils from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania.

We were able to implement the ROGA project and to provide bespoke mentoring to Roma students and support to their parents.

Daniel George Mihai provides support to Romanian Roma pupils, and Marko Strbak and Irena Strbakova support Czech and Slovak Roma students.

Gold award in Pearson National Teaching Awards 2021

The partnership between QKA and COMPAS and our work with the Roma pupils had been recognized in the way of The Award for Impact through Partnership - The Roma – Narrowing the Gap Team.

“The award is testament to the hard work of all the team at Queen Katharine Academy and our partner Compas who work to really transform lives as an inclusive centre of educational excellence.” Lynn Mayes Principal of Queen Katharine Academy.

Examples of previous mentoring initiatives

ROGA mentoring project 2018, involving students from Queen Katherine Academy, Thomas Deacon Academy, City of Peterborough Academy and St. John Fisher School
BBC Look East report from 2018 Gala Dinner