Roma Archive and Documentation Centre

COMPAS charity recognises the importance of retention of cultural and linguistic heritage. Since 1990s, estimated number of 200,000 Roma people from Central and Eastern Europe moved into the UK, but there are little or no resources that would enable conservation and development of Roma heritage. This is particularly an issue when it comes to:

  • children and young people not having an access to books, audio-visual records and other resources that would enable them to find out about their rich history, culture and language
  • schools not having any or very limited resources when celebrating and promoting Roma identity amongst their pupils. There are also no museums or educational places that schools could take their pupils into for a school trip.
  • There is very limited number of resources for academics and researchers working with the Roma community


Because of all those reasons, we have decided to initiate the Roma Archive and Documentation Centre (RADC). The mission of RADC will be:

  • to preserve heritage of European Roma emigrants
  • library containing magazines, books and other resources about Roma, published in the UK and in the countries of Roma origin
  • to preserve memory and oral history of Roma people living in the UK
  • to provide experts for lectures on Roma culture and history, Roma language lectors
  • to create a hub for schools and other institutions (but also members of public) to visit to and find out more about Roma heritage